Who are the lightworkers?

Many people who consider themselves as light workers, follow a `buddhist path“, or integrate aspects of Buddhism and mindfulness into their personal spirituality.  But what does it mean to be a lightworker?

We can all be lightworkers, in fact all of us are, as we are all made of the same energy, the same light!

But what does it really mean to be a practicing sun child, or a light worker? We’ll be explaining that to you below but here’s a video to get you started!


When the universe was created millions of years ago, the Cosmic Energies flowed and created light, earth, water, air and most of all energy. This energy transcended into different individuals and beings. The Light Source, the source of all light and life gave each and every one of us the capacity to be enlightened and know the truth. However, as we are born into the world, we first become conscious of our mortal and physical selves. We become immersed first in the human experience and thus we become of this world. On the other hand, Lightworkers are individuals who have encompassed being human and spirit and have realized the wisdom and “Light” within them.

Lightworkers are souls who have a higher sense of enlightenment; such as knowledge, wisdom, love, respect and awareness of life. They are just like you and me, they are human and fallible. Lightworkers are beings whose goal in life is to bring forth light and love into this world. They strive for peace and wisdom and abhor division, war and separation.

Who are Lightworkers?

The term Lightworker evokes a sense of heightened knowledge, however they are not higher souls than other mortals. They are also human beings who feel emotions like happiness, desire, joy, sadness, anger and grief. They word Lightworker basically comes the word light and worker. He or she has been enlighten and aims to work into helping others achieve the same enlightenment. A Lightworker is a person who sees the light at the end of the tunnel. He or she has a clearer vision of life, beyond what is dictated by religion and society. He or she realizes that no one religion if the true truth, but rather acknowledges that every religion has truth in them.

Knowledge and the Lightworker

Lightworkers aim to spread the truth into this world. They challenge the truth that is normally dictated by the society. Lightworkers are often hear a calling to be psychologists, teachers, artists, writers, nuns, monks, healers and spiritual workers or volunteers. They are drawn into the philosophical arts and want to learn the logic of life and the eternal force that flows around every one of us. Lightworkers are drawn to speaking or using words that heal heart and souls. They have affinity to helping children or the elderly learn new things.

Lightworkers and Spirituality

Lightworkers often realize the fluidity of spirituality early in their lives. They wonder how magic and religion can be combined. They question the teachings dictated by their elders and find sense in mixing the thoughts behind different religions. They see that science and spirituality are not two separate things but rather explanations of one another. They see magic are something as they flow of fast phased energy which humans are not able to explain. They accept that the human form cannot fully comprehend the immense truth in the vast universe, and need to transcend this plain in order to fully experience the knowledge that the cosmos has to offer.

Lightworkers do not deny the divinity of different religions but rather accept them as different levels of truth. They see angels, spirits, saints, prophets, witches, shamans, monks are parts of the immense flow of knowledge given to the human beings. They have also accepted that humans may not be the only living forms in this universe. They animals as capable of sentience as well.

Lightworkers and Life

Lightworkers have a deep connection to the Force of Life. They feel that every bit of creation around them has earned the respect and deserve to live. They feel pain and sorrow in death and destruction. They have the affinity for caring for plants and animals. They maybe veterinarians or farmers or environmentalists aiming to protect the world. They aim to protect beings who are weaker than themselves. Lightworkers often love pets and plants in their house. They see that giving life to creatures who cannot return their kindness other than giving them unconditional love is a worthy task. They honor life and try to preserve it. They do not want to see the environment being damaged.

Lightworkers and the Society

Lightworkers can be seen as oddities to the society. They are often detached from the normal world. Sometimes they try to hide their different belief for they hate aggression and conflict. They see that no one truth dictated by the society around them is true, but rather a combination of many truths is the reality. They are accepting and tolerant. They do not care about race, religion, color, disability or any other defining factor for them to form connections to other people.

At times lightworkers, find rapture in detaching themselves from this world. They often feel uncomfortable in dogma and systematic dictation of the society. They often find happiness in solitude, daydreaming and meditating. Some people who are not familiar with them may construe them as lazy, uncouth or unacceptable in the current social order.

What can one do to attain enlightenment and be a Lightworker?

Lightworkers first need to allow freedom into their spirits. They need to allow they light feel their soul. There many steps to attain enlightenment but here are some helpful ways

Know Thy Self

As the great philosopher Socrates once said, knowing thy self is the most important step into achieving being a Lightworker. This is no easy feat. Many people, who are already in their old age have now yet fully grasped who they truly are. This requires risks, sacrifices, study and meditation.

Leave This World

This one does not mean dying or truly detaching one’s self from this world. Leaving this world means allowing yourself to transcend the worldly calling. To be of a higher consciousness requires you to flow with the Chi, the world’s life force. You must learn that life is a wheel. That sometimes you will be up and successful, yet sometimes you will down in the dumps and no one but yourself will pick you up. Never be attached to material things; for one day they might disappear. Yet, do not be lazy and complacent. Earn a decent keep. Have enough to enjoy life but not too much that you become drowned into money.

Give Time for Yourself

You must allow your soul to grow and in order to do this, you must let your soul breath. You must nurture your inner child. Treat yourself much like you would treat a babe, feed yourself enough but not too much, allow yourself to rest and sleep, take naps, teach yourself new things and most of all love yourself. Smile at yourself in the morning. Take some time out to do the things you love like cooking, reading, writing, jogging or painting. Drink a bit of wine sometimes. Eat some good food and savor it. Do not deprive your soul but do not over indulge. Balance is the key.

Honor Life and Give Life

Many people, animals and plants suffer around you. A lot of children around the world cannot drink clean water. Some old people need to talk to someone in their nursing homes. People in jail long to be visited and tell stories. Share what you have; but most of all share yourself to the world. The world needs your little acts of kindness for it to be a better place and actually as you help people along, you help yourself too. You feel happier and fulfilled as you share your light into the world.

Reflect, Pray and Meditate

You need to connect to the Higher Being or to the Light Source. You need to recharge your battery by connecting it to the cosmos. Allowing your mind to swirl around the free flowing thoughts of your soul gives you the connectivity and the detachment it needs.

Being a person of the Light requires you to know yourself and to know the world around you. By being a true child of the Sun, you take the responsibility to give Life into this world and remove the marks of pain and sorrow around you. Lightworkers dedicate their whole lives into helping the LIGHT shine in all the four corners of the world.

You can also try this quiz to find out if your lightworker skills are developed or developing!


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