The Miracles in The Life of Buddha

It is said that the Buddha himself gained the Abijña or six higher psychic and mystical powers along with the other fruits obtained from the living a contemplative life. However when he is asked to perform such miracles, more often than not the Buddha would shun such demonstrations since he feels that one should be a follower of Buddhism not because of miracles but because of faith.

Buddha has been blessed with miracles since the time that he was born. He was able to perform miracles and know psychic knowledge after he has received full enlightenment. Through his contemplative life, he was able to know the truths set by the universe. He learned the laws the governed man and nature. He gained wisdom such as the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path and other Sacred Teachings which he has taught many people.

Buddhas greatest miracle and probably his highest psychic power is learning about the TRUTH about life and suffering. On the other hand, he was also able to perform other miracles throughout his virtuous life.

Enlightenment and Miracles

The Buddha’s life is full of miracles. He was able to surpass human ability and transcend limitations because of his virtue and because he has been Enlighted.

Miraculous birth

Queen Maya, Buddha’s mother was said to be visited by a white elephant in her dreams. It was said that Buddha himself was able to walk seven steps right after being born and spoke words of wisdom. Lotus flowers bloomed where he placed his steps.

Twin Miracles of Buddha

Buddha demonstrated the Twin Miracles when he returned to his kingdom because people did not want to believe his enlightenment. He showed people he could produce a burning flame on the top portion of his body and water at the bottom part and vice versa. He also did this to either his right versus left sides.

After such, Buddha leaped three great steps which carried him to another realm where he visited his mother Queen Maya who has become a Deva. He then taught her the Abijñadrama or the highly technical teachings of the Buddha.

Visiting the Brahma

Buddha has gained abilities to traverse parallel universes. He then visited the heavens and spoke to Brahma. He then taught Brahma the Buddhist’s Dharma or teachings. However, being a god, Brahma would not believe Buddha right away. So Brahma challenged him.

Brahma asked him to play a game of hide and seek. When Brahma hides, the Buddha can always find him. However when the Buddha hides using meditation and abijña (psychic powers), the Brahma cannot find him. This made Brahma believe in the Buddha’s Enlightenment.

Water Purification

Buddha also was able to purify water from a well that was full of moss and grass. It was unsafe to drink. A man who tended the well was asked by Buddha for a drink but he refused saying the water is unclean. Buddha said for the man to draw water an when the man looked at the water again, it was clear and cool, perfect for drinking.

Power to Communicate With Animals

Once there was an angry man who sent an elephant to trample upon Buddha. At this time there was a woman who had a babe in her arms. She dropped the child as the elephant charged. But the Buddha put a gentle hand on the forehead of the elephant and calmed it despite being drugged by the angry man. This showed that Buddha could speak to animals. He was able to communicate with the elephant and save the child. The child was not harmed and the animal became peaceful because of Buddha’s telepathic ability.

Other miracles

Buddha, having attained full enlightenment was said to be able to possess all the Abijñas. He can walk on water, go through solid objects, multiply himself into many people and even reduce or increase his size. He could look into the universe and see the past and future. He was even said to be able to read the mind of others.

But through all these miracles, the Buddha would often say that the Miracle of Virtue is the greatest miracle of all. It is the miracle of converting a wicked man into a virtuous man. It when a killer sees peace and abandons violence. A thief who does not steal anymore and a selfish man sharing all that he has.

In his whole life Buddha has always emphasized that renouncing desires and attaining enlightenment is more important than anything else. He says that super powers are just by products of being virtous and following the Eight Fold path.


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