Psychic Source Review by a Buddhist

The goal of Buddhism is finding peace of mind and the freedom of the soul from suffering. But our mind tends to wander and suffer through life. One good way of getting peace of mind is through psychic readings. Getting a glimpse of the future allows you to navigate life with acceptance and purpose.

One well trusted site that has been here for decades is Psychic Source. They give phone readings and even spiritual healings over the phone. Their psychics are compassionate and understanding and provide you clarity about what’s to come.

Even Buddha himself was given gifts of foresight and abilities that went beyond the human skills. He was able to use those gifts to help enlighten others and show the path to freedom.

What is Psychic Source

Psychic Source is an online psychic reading service that provides many readers to answer your various questions about the past present and future. They have been around for than twenty years. They provide a great service because seem to put their psychics in a rigorous screening process.

Their Predictions and Healing Helped Me a Lot

I tend to overthink. When I sit down to meditate, I cannot seem to clear my mind. I have tried and tried to do this but to no avail. At night I’m not able to sleep because my head goes on and on and on. I often think about my family, my future, my health, my career and anything you can imagine. I can’t focus and I feel lost.

I have tried to clear my head by living more mindfully, but every time I do so, I feel the sudden urge to overthink again and again. I wanted to suffer less and free my mind from the push and pull of my brain running around.

So one day I googled “compassionate advise” and found Psychic Source. I was doubtful about this because i felt that I can do this myself and find the answers to my questions if I meditated hard enough. But I told myself why not give it a try. And so I did.

And it was great, the reading brought me much comfort, guidance and peace of mind, and allowed me to get back to having a calm mind.

A Buddhist Having a Psychic Reading?

I’m a mystic person. I like mystical stuff and I have went into Buddhism because after being into many schools of thought and religions, it has given me much clarity. As I believe in exploration leads to knowledge, I have gone to search for answers as well with psychics.

I have dealt with all sorts of psychics. I have readings on the street where I saw a random person have a deck and cloth sitting on the street. I also have had readings with high profile psychics face to face. I have tried many online sites. In all of these I try to keep in mind that there are scams out there and everything has to be taken with a grain of salt.

For me Buddhism goes hand and hand with accepting many forms of knowledge and one of them is opening my mind to psychics. And this is how I came upon Psychic Source. I have read that they have been there for about twenty plus years and going into three decades.

How Was My Reading with Psychic Joseph (x7535)

I chose Joseph because he had a Buddhists vibe to him. He was wise and had a bit of jovial nature in him. I told him that I was a Buddhist and that I needed to find peace. I told him that I cannot seem to sleep and that I always feel uneasy.

He told me that I am like this because of my difficult childhood and the poverty I’ve had in the past. He was right about that. He told me that I should not work just for money and find a path that would make my soul happy. He said for me to worry less because I have a strong and willful spirit that can allow me to provide me and my family’s needs.

He told me about the path of letting go that I should partake in such as embarking on being a yoga teacher and going to India to study that, which I have not told him, but I was already thinking about. He was able to reaffirm my thoughts about that teaching path. He helped me become free and find grounding

I’m still saving up for that trip to India but now I try to focus a lot on yoga and not just see it as exercise and I feel very happy about his advice and reading.


Try a reading with


2018 Update: Sadly for us Joseph has now passed over.  I wish him blessings as he goes through the next part of his journey.

Other good Psychics on Psychic Source

Whilst there are no doubt many great readers here are the ones I have tried.

Reading with Arthur

I have had a reading with Arthur x8237 and found him to be very good

Psychic Source Advisor Arthur

Psychic Source Customer Testimonials

Reading with Raven

Psychic Raven x9580 is also really great.  She’s an energy healer with a wise reading style.  She has helped me to connect to my higher self, and gave me quick yet powerful exercises to do every day which has really made me feel more confident and also more in tune with my own psychic ability.

Psychic Source Reader Raven

Psychic Ratings and Reviews of Raven

User Experience

What made me feel comfortable with Psychic Source was their reputation. They have been around for about three decades and that speaks volumes about them. They also employ only the best and do not overcharge.

This factors have lead me to believe that I would benefit a lot from getting a reading with them. They are well recommended by many people. Websites here and there give them great reviews so I told myself why not give it a try?  And I’m pleased to say that my gut feeling was right about them!

The prices of the readings are reasonable and they really in-vibe their motto of being compassionate.

Things that I think are Helpful/Good features

Psychic Source was easy to use and had a very simple page that anyone can navigate. You can opt to have a reading by phone, chat or video. They have articles and horoscopes. They also have a whole menu of topics and articles about different types of psychics which explains every type of psychic available.


One of the most important things for me in dealing with people and service is reputation. This is why I had chosen to get a reading with Psychic Source. Their Advisors are top rated and go through a rigorous testing and interview series before they ever get in.

Their twenty plus years of experience makes them a veteran in this field and this helps me trust them.

Phone, Chat or Video

They provide readings in all forms convenient to you. You can have not only the traditional phone readings that they normally offered before, but now they also have chat and video readings. I think you can either call, chat on any device or have a video chat.

This make sit accessible to almost everyone. Young people, millenials and everybody else can try their services.

Great Discounts

I saw that if you sign up you can have a hefty discount of $1 per min and also get three minutes free. Having to spend less when you first try out a service is really important to me.

Money Back Guarantee

Having assurance that you won’t be scammed and that your money will be returned if you’re unhappy with your reading is very important. It keeps me feeling safe and secure. I have never used this service though because I got the reading that helped me sort out my feelings and anxiety but still knowing they won’t run away with your money is essential.

Defining Psychic Powers and Talents

Their section explaining all sorts of psychic gifts is really helpful. It let’s you know what sort of psychic can work well with your question. It also helps people like me who feel that we are given psychic gifts. Reading this part was very enriching.

Tips on Saving Money and Getting a Great Reading

In order to get a great reading with any psychic you need to be prepared with your questions before hand. This saves time, which saves you money.

Psychic Source’s Special offers

NOTE: The current promo offers your first reading for $1 a minute which i think is a very good deal.

Get this $1 a minute offer with Psychic Source now


Like other sites, Psychic Source provides promotions here and there. They provide discounts for some psychics as well. They also run a discount for people. Psychic Source also give free minutes which gives you more time with the psychic.

See the Psychic’s Profiles

Try to read on their reviews and profiles. Find out about their reading styles so that you know you’ll mesh well with them.

Prepare for the Reading

Try to say or type your questions in advance and don’t try to be overly chatty during your reading so you can save time and money.

Psychic Source Overall Review

All in all I would give Psychic Source a score of 9 out of a 10. They are easy to use and very helpful. I have had a great reading which helped me feel empowered and calm again.

Their site is also a knowledge base for psychic information. They provide a money back guarantee that allows you to feel assured no matter what happens after the reading.

I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a reading but is on a budget. If you want a compassionate and caring reading for the fraction of the cost try this one out. If you are a Buddhist or follow certain Buddhist tenets I think that you will find Psychic Source a good choice for top quality clairvoyant readings.

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