Keen Psychics Review From a Buddhist Perspective

Facing problems in life can normally be daunting. We meditate and reflect in order to find peace and harmony but of course at times, we want to hear what the Universe wants us to know. We want to know if a relationship will work out, or if we will have a good career or maybe we want to hear what lies ahead. I for one, have wondered about this things and I have chosen to consult psychics on such matters.

As I’ve mentioned Oranum Psychics is my favorite psychic site but I would like to also review other sites. I’ve found a very good one called Keen Psychics. What I like most about Keen is that they have a vast number of psychics and some of them have practices, beliefs and gifts rooted to Spirituality like Buddhism, Hinduism, Vedic Readings and Chinese Astrology. All this connect with my Buddhist beliefs.

Keen has been around for a long time now. They’ve started out in 1999 and they have over 1700+ psychics to assist you. What I like the most about this site is that it has a zen feel to it and is very easy to use. Psychics are very friendly and approachable and they are available 24/7, via online, chat, phone or even via an app on your phone.

They also run special discounts and prices. Read on if you want to know more about Keen Psychics and know about my Spiritual Psychic reading with Psychic Jedi.

Keen is Simple and Easy to Use

What drew me to Keen was how simple and easy it was to use. When I first stumbled upon this site. I was able to get how to use it right away. They give a quick insight on how psychic readings can help you, they also mention how it works and they show the psychics you can have readings with. They also made things easy by grouping psychics into categories. Categories include Psychic Readings, Love and Relationships, Life Questions, Tarot Readings, Spiritual Readings and Psychic Mediums. Of course I was drawn to Spiritual Readings.

I tried to browse each category and tried to check on a few psychics here and there. I read the reviews of the people who have gotten readings. I’ve seen many satisfied customers but I also saw some bad reviews. I think Keen did well by showing those bad reviews since it proves that the site is authentic.

What Kind of Psychics Does Keen Offer


Since they’ve been around for a long time, keen has a good roster of psychics you can choose from. As I’ve mentioned, they have around 1700 advisors to help you. Their wide number caters to almost every psychic help anyone could need. Love, Career, Money, Pet psychics, mediums and even multi lingual readers are available.

When I went in there I had a lot to choose from and as I’ve mentioned from the home page I scrolled down to the Spiritual Psychics menu. I chose that and browsed.I got interested in many of them. A lot of the spiritual psychics deal with spirits and angels. Some with Aura and Karma. I wanted someone who did readings related to Karma and energy.. I found Psychic Jedi. I’ve also seen many others who have similar practices as her but did choose her because her energy was strong and she seemed honest and caring

My Reading With Psychic Jedi

Psychic Jedi was the advisor I chose because of her name. You see I love Star Wars because it relates to the Zen Buddhism culture of Japan. When I saw her picture and short bio I decided to read more about here so I went into her personal page. I learned that she has been a psychic ever since she was a child.

Psychic Jedi is even an international psychic who also does radio and TV appearances and readings. I like that she believes in reincarnation and she knows that we are energies. She describes the reincarnation process as like first dying and being like a glass of water being poured into a lake and then being reincarnated is like being water being taken out of the lake by another glass. In that sense she means that we are all interconnected in the cosmos of life.

I decided to phone reading with her since I wanted to hear her voice.

I consulted her about my love life. I have felt sad and alone and searching and searching. I wanted to know where my twin flame is and what does the universe hold for me. She was able to confirm my feelings and ease my anxiety about love. She told me that my twin flame is just around and that I should just relax and not worry too much about love. This really made sense to me because I get that feeling when I meditate.

All in all, she offered me clarity and peace. She allowed me to find balance and serenity by guiding me in my pursuit of peace and love. I would definitely recommend her because she was kind, yet she was fast in giving the reading. She was able to to soothe my worries and confirm my gut feelings. It was an awesome reading and I would come again for another one with her.

Aside from Psychic Jedi, I also decided to have readings with other psychics like Psychic Aminah who promotes peace and tranquility. I had another one with Angels Helping Hands who is a divine healer. I also had readings with The Lady Dee who had toured before in her psychic career and offered me a reassurance about my career

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Helpful Features on Keen Psychics

Keen has many helpful features. I would like to say that getting a reading from them was easy plus I got a discounted introductory rate when I first signed up. They gave me a 10min reading for $1.50. Aside from this you can choose a psychic based on their reading category and price range

Keen App

Keen now is available on your phone. You can get them on your iPhone or Android device. I have an Android so I got them on Google Play, though I had my readings by phone. But I’ve also gotten a reading by chat service.

Easy Sign-up – I was able to sign up in about three minutes.. or maybe even less. I was able to put in my email address and password and then confirm my password details. I’ve added PayPal on my account for my payment. You can either use PayPal or credit card to add credits into your Keen account.


I’ve seen Keen running different discounts here and there and I was able to get the best one with is 10minutes for $1.99 only. They also have great prices for most of their psychics.

You can find psychics based on their price range – Believe it or not I’ve seen super talented psychics who charge as low as 1.99 on Keen per minutes. You can toggle and move the price bar and set it to a specific price so you can find psychics within that price range.

They have a wide selection of psychics – Keen has one of the biggest network of psychics available out there. You can have any kind of reading you can think of. You can have mediumship readings, psychic readings, love readings and even readings about your pets.

Tips from me on how to get the best value on Keen.

As I’ve mentioned on my review on the other psychic sites, I always want to help you get the best deal for a reading. I know finding a great deal is important to you.

Special Offers

Keen Psychics runs many special offers and deals. Sometimes they give price cuts and discounts. Now is the best time to get a reading because so far their best deal is a 10 minute reading for 1.99 only. (this used to be 10 minutes for $10!!! But they’ve given a better deal now)

They also give free daily horoscopes by email. All you need to do is sign up your email for a free horoscope and get it straight into your inbox at no cost.

Learning Articles you read on at Keen Psychics website

They have many great articles such as learning things on how to read Tarot Cards. I also liked the Love articles a lot since it was very insightful. I liked their twin flame article a lot.

They also have pages about Psychic Advise articles which help people learn more about psychic gifts, mantras, mindfulness and even magick. It’s a good resource page to anyone who wants to enrich his or her psyche.

Maximizing your reading time

You can maximize your reading time by first thinking of your question ahead of time. This saves you time and spares you money from wasting time on peter pattering on what you’ll be asking your advisor.

This is specially good if you are getting a reading by chat. If you are getting a reading by phone, noting your question also helps you because you can go directly to the point. If you do so it would be easier for your advisor to tune into you and he or she can help you better.

Keen Psychics – Overall Review

I would say that Keen did a great job in providing me one of the best readings I can ever ask for. I liked how their site is simple and easy to use. I like that you can call a 1-800-number right on the screen or chat right there. The discounted rates were awesome and I would say that the reading I got was truly empowering.

My Recommended Keen Psychics

Here are the people on Keen that I have tried and think are best: As I’ve mentioned, I tried to get a Spiritual Reading by clicking on the Spiritual Reading category on the home page. I found Psychic Jedi there. I would also recommend other Spiritual Advisors like Angels Helping Hands who helped me release bad Karma, The Lady Dee who was a clairvoyant and does dream interpretations and Psychic Aminah who promotes peace and tranquility. But there are still so many other Spiritual Psychics on Keen. Honestly, I haven’t tried all of them yet.

My overall experience with Keen can be summed up in a few words: empowering, accurate and helpful. It helped find a sense of peace and pushed me in my path to mindfulness. It helped me find clarity which in turned put my anxious heart at rest.

I would definitely recommend Keen Psychics to anyone looking for answers and peace of mind.

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