How to Worry Less About Money

A famous saying goes like “Money makes the world go round”. And in this modern day and age, many people live lives that are a testament to this saying. Money has been the center of their lives both conciously and unconciously. Money causes them happiness and joy but it also causes them to feel anxiety and worry.

Many people lose sleep at night because of money. Buddha has emphasized that people should never desire material wealth because it only causes suffering. However being pennyless in a capitalist world has been seen as failure.

So how can you ever free yourself from the hold of money in your life. How can you ever find bliss without spending so much money or acquiring things?

Money Is Neither Good or Evil

Money is neither bad or good. It is a neutral resource. It is a thing that allows you to purchase things, experiences and also help others. But a lot of times, money becomes bad because we deem it as the root of our happiness and success. People often feel that they can only be happy if they have material wealth. People are always afraid of the words like poverty, bankruptcy and homelessness.

Money being a nuetral resource should be treated as such, a means to an end. If you don’t have it, you should not be worried. The point is managing money wisely.

Manage Your Money

Most people go to a job they hate because of money. We are tied to bills, mortgages, expenses and many things that require money. A lot of these payables comes from our own making. We get a credit card that we have to pay for. We have a mobile phone that a monthly bill. We get a mortgage that we need to put money into every month.

The secret to managing money wisely is proper allocation and less commitment. If your paycheck is already subdivided into bills and payables even if it actually goes to you, then you are bound to feel chained to money. But if you lessen the payables, then you can worry less.

Ask Yourself If You Need It

Do you need to own a house? Or is renting more economical? Do you need to buy expensive food? Or can you just make simple and inexpensive meals? Is it ever possible to downsize your expenses? Yes, it is possible.

A lot of the things we have or want are programmed into our heads by media. Woman are made to feel ugly so that they will buy cosmetics and skin care products. Men are made to believe that having a car is a necessity. We have become brainwashed by society to live a certain way.

Buddha has always advised to let go of desire. If we do not desire, we do not suffer. He also mentions the right way of living. He tells us to live simply. One of the Three Universal Truths mentions the Truth of Change. Things change, there is nothing forever and so we should never cling to things that we own or the status we have.
Evaluate Your Daily Expenses

A lot of times, what drives us to be so bound to money is our daily expenditure. We don’t notice how much money we spend on the food we eat, the electricity we consume, the clothes we wear and even the how we spend time. But with careful evaluation, we can see that all these add up and show us that we go through life spending here and there without realizing we are throwing money down the drain.

For example, we make two dishes for dinner whereas we can have one. We can also buy raw ingredients instead of doing take out. I know most people are busy, but if you use a few ingredients, then we don’t need to spend so much time cooking.

Keeping in fashion is also something that affects our finances. We want to look good everyday when we go to school or the office and so we buy clothes. But if we just have a few key pieces, not only do we spend less money on clothes, we can also free our time from deciding what to wear.

Spending money on expensive lattes is also a form of a money drain. Another thing are those adverts that we see about traveling and chasing rainbows. Yes, you should travel and visit the world but you should always consider a budget.

Live Simply

The best advise about money is living simply. Lessen your daily expenses. Lessen the food that you eat so that you don’t gain weight and get sick. Exercise and walk. Ride a bicycle to school or work. Go to the library and read. Spend time with actual people. Stop the shopping hobby.

Help others. Eat real food. Avoid take out. Don’t buy expensive coffee. Sleep more. Go home on time. Spend time with your family. Don’t equate success with riches. Be CONTENTED.

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