Chakra Meditation

In the ancient Hindu system there are seven Chakras (Energy Vortexes), which are located along the spinal cord of a human being. Each chakra influences a different endocrine gland and nerve plexus, and correlates to different energy body, and the higher realms. Chakra means wheel, they are also called lotus flowers, as each chakra has a certain number of leaves, petals, or spokes.

Chakras function are to absorb and distribute Prana (universal life force) to the etheric and physical bodies. The more the chakra can assimilate prana, the faster it can spin, and the more balanced all our chakras, the more healthy and vital we feel.

When the Kundalini (the primordial energy, coiled up, at the base of the spine) integrates with the prana, the chakras become vivified, and perceptions of the higher world become conscious. Within Kundalini the contact is made between the Infinite Divine Creative Energy and the finite physical sexual energy. To gain the highest spiritual potential while incarnated in this physical form the great mass of Kundalini energy locked in the Root Chakra must be released, to travel through all seven chakras up to the Crown Chakra.

First Chakra (The Muladhara Chakra, Four Petal Lotus)

Located at the base of the spine first chakra rules our physical energies. It is the root chakra that aids us in our everyday survival.


First chakra is clear, I feel secure, grounded, and stable. I can use good “common sense” to balance my finances, as well as my everyday responsibilities, and still initiate new activities and interest. My eliminatory system functions well, neural activity in my legs and feet is healthy, and my ability to initiate sexual encounters is comfortable and natural. My root chakra is the home of the Kundalini, the Sleeping Serpent. When this chakra is clear and balanced, the Goddess Kundalini Shakti can awaken, and begin her gradual rise towards reunion with Lord Shiva (bringing Enlightenment).

Second Chakra (The Swadhisthana Chakra, Six Petal Lotus)

Located just below the navel second chakra rules our emotional energies.


Second chakra is clear, I feel patient, enduring, nurturing, and secure. I feel intimate with my family, friends, neighborhood, people and the planet. I feel “at home” in my body, and is able to communicate with my “self”. My emotions are balanced, and I’m able to trust my instincts and “gut feelings”. My sex life is natural and loving, and I’m able to balance both the male and female components of sexuality. I eat healthy food in the correct amount for my body’s needs, and enjoy the comfort and nurturing free of any addictive behaviors. My elimination of waste material is regular and my sex organs, bladder, and kidneys are healthy.

Third Chakra (The Manipura Chakra, Ten Petal Lotus)

Located at the solar plexus third chakra rules our astral energies. It is chakra of willpower and our connection to dreamworld.


Third chakra is clear, I have a strong sense of personal power and self-motivation. My power struggles with others are minimal, because I accept responsibility for the creation of my own reality. Therefore, I do not feel victimized or controlled by others. If there is a problem in my life, I realize that if it comes to me, it is mine to deal with. I have keen decision making abilities, a strong will power, and a good self-image. Since I take charge of my life, I have good health and vital energy. When I can balance Yin and Yang, thoughts and emotions, intuition and intellect with willpower, and surrender to my soul, I can be conscious of the many messages that come to me from the astral plane. I’m able to shield myself from the “psychic pull” of others, because I’m able to distinguish my emotions from the emotions of others. I can do this because I have listened to my own astral world, as it communicates with me through dreams and imagination.

Fourth Chakra (The Anahata “Heart” Chakra, Twelve Petal Lotus)

Located at the heart fourth chakra rules our mental energies. It is a chakra of Love and Compassion, the seat of the Dharmakaya or Buddha-nature.


Fourth Chakra is clear and balanced, I can experience love, compassion, acceptance and fulfillment. My heart and respiratory system is strong and healthy, I have a good immune system, and I feel calm and joyful. I’m able to balance my masculine and feminine aspects, as well as human and divine aspects. My relationship with self, and with others is happy, and I have found my service to family, community, nation and the planet.

Fifth Chakra (The Vishuddha Chakra, Sixteen Petal Lotus)

Located at the throat fifth chakra rules our spiritual energies. It is a chakra of creativity and expression.


Fifth chakra is clear, I have good communication, expression, creativity, inspiration, and positive interactions with others. My metabolism is healthy, cholesterol levels are good, I have vital energy, and I feel strong physically and psychologically. I’m inspired to express my higher self, and have life enriched by creative expression. My relationships are based on truthful communication and true intimacy.

Six Chakra (The Ajna Chakra, Ninety-six Petal Lotus)

Located in between the eyes in the center of the forehead, in the area called “Third Eye”. Six chakra rules our cosmic body, it is a chakra of intuition and higher knowledge.


Six chakra is clear, there are enhanced intellectual and psychic abilities. Memory is good and perceptions are accurate. Through ability to consciously travel into the higher dimensions of inner reality, ability to visualize is amplified, imagination is expanded and is able to project visions and ideas into outer world. Sinuses are clear, hearing and vision is broadened by ability to use inner senses to amplify the information gained by the five physical senses.

Seventh Chakra (The Sahasrara Chakra, Thousand Petal Lotus)

Located at the crown of the head. Seventh chakra rules our Nirvanic body. It is a chakra of the highest spiritual consciousness, the center of Samadhi.


Seventh chakra is clear, receives cosmic energy and is connected to Cosmic Consciousness. This state of consciousness perceives the Universal Love and the all-knowing true SELF. This reawakens ability to perceive the patterns of cause and effect, and the light matrixes that create the illusions of the holographic physical reality. Fully opened crown chakra perceives sense of well-being, unity with all life, open mindedness and faith, and connection to everything in the Universe. It is the Higher Self assisting in reprogramming mind to the daily acceptance and integration of its own divinity.



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