Buddhism News: Buddhism or Christianity? Let This Book Help You Decide

“REVELATIONS: Told From a Buddhist and a Christian Perspective”

Written by Edmund Anthony Talmont
Published by Outskirts Press
Published date October 25, 2015
Paperback price: $7.16

Most people are born into a religion but a few others want to take their own path. Revelations is a book that addresses the issue of “Should I be a Buddhist or a Christian?”. This book compares the two religions side by side. It is a book written by a lay person who was born a Catholic but changed his faith into Buddhism.

REVELATIONS: Told From a Buddhist and a Christian Perspective aims to draw an easy to understand comparison of the Eastern faith side by side with the Christian faith. It shows the similarities and contrasts they have. It also teaches philosophical morals on how to leave life compassionately and virtuously.

This powerful and insightful book aims to give many people peace of mind when it come to their faith and religion.

About the Author:

Edmund Anthony Talmont was born into a Euro-Asian family; with his father being Lithuanian and his mother Japanese. He grew up as a Catholic. He later on joined the Marine Corps. After being discharged from the Marines, he went on to study at Tarrant County Junior College. There he took a course on Philosophy.

Because of said studies, Edmund had a conversation with his father to discuss philosophy and religion. This conversation prompted Edmund to have a better understanding about the freedom of faith. His father spoke to him with the words telling him that a person should be able to practice any religion. After this his mother went back to practicing Buddhism.

To this date, Edmund has been practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism for over twenty-five years.

He currently works as a CPA in Texas. He also has an MBA from the University of Texas in Arlington.

He is also interested computer studies and information technology. He also works as a data base administrator.

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