Sacred Teachings of the Buddha

May the truth of these words awaken transcendent wisdom and great heart of compassion in all beings. May they bring blessings to all.

Within this site you will find beautiful translations of the words of the Buddha, as well as meditations, discussions on buddhism and buddhist practices and other spirituality and psychic topics.

Teachings of the Budda

This site seeks to act as an aid for those, who like me, wish to bring greater peace, contentment and happiness into their lives, through the wisdom and teachings of Buddha.

You can learn about some of the basic tenets and theories of Buddhism, stories about Buddha and other sometimes less explored but equally interesting aspects of this path.

I will also aim to explore what various parts of Buddhism and other spiritual practices really mean, and how we can benefit from them and use them in our day to day lives.

Always remember that whilst studying and theory is important, so is the practice of mindfulness and meditation, and being truly present in your life!

Buddhism is not for someone who is satisfied with merely believing what somebody else told them. Buddhism is for someone who is searching, someone who wants to find the truth.



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